Software Engineer

Richmond, Victoria, Australia Full-time

About us

Billcap is changing the way consumers and utilities consume and produce energy. Our energy engagement platform helps households make sense of their energy use while advancing utilities’ smart-grid & renewable transition. We are an empirically driven company with strong links to world-leading researchers in energy economics and machine learning. We are building the energy software of the future.

About you

We believe that the roots of good software engineer lay in basics. Often somewhat neglected, principles of good code and design form a foundation of your skills. Built on top of that is the understanding of day-to-day technologies which enable you to know the implications of going one way or another. Combined with that, your eagerness to learn and desire to become better creates a perfect recipe for generating great outcomes for the product you’re delivering and yourself. It also means that even though you have your own preferences, you can pick up a new technology stack quickly and not be afraid to deliver production-ready code.

What you will be working on

We are looking for a good software engineer to join our growing team. We have a successful product which needs further love and care as well as a new product we’ve recently started working on.

We make heavy use of AWS, Docker and Rails with a lot of other technologies which allow us to iterate quickly. We have some C code as well as Python but you won’t have to touch these often. You will find some dark places in the codebase and will have to touch them occasionally but with the new exciting project development you will also have a chance to learn something new as well as try out new technologies.

We might be having less load than Google but we process millions of data points every day so scaling is always a consideration for us.You will be working closely with our data scientists to help them make the most of the vast data we process.

Life at Billcap

We are agile (in the original sense of the word) at our hearts. Nimbleness comes together with a lot of experience and domain knowledge so you will never feel lost. You’ll get heaps of flexibility on how you work and be part of a culture where anyone in the team can bring a great idea to the table.

But we’re not all about work, we know how to have fun too - we believe that the only way to build a great product is by building a great team behind it. How we do it? Well, what we did in the past is not as interesting as what we’ll do in the future. Come and join us and you will be able to answer this question in the way you want.

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